Description of the Institution

Mbuye is a Comprehensive Learning Centre with two educational Institutions Comprising of an Agricultural College offering Diplomas and Certificates in Agriculture then a Vocational Secondary School offering “O” Level curriculum with skills training program in the fields of:

St Matthias Mbuee Secondary and Vocational School

  • Brick Laying and Concrete Practice awarded by Examinations Board (Uganda Business and Technical UBTEB)
  • Cutting and Garment Designing awarded by Examinations Board (Uganda Business and Technical UBTEB)
  • Carpentry and Joinery awarded by Examinations Board (Uganda Business and Technical UBTEB)
  • Agriculture awarded by Examinations Board (Uganda Business and Technical UBTEB)

Diploma Programs

  • Diploma in Crop Production awarded by Uganda Martyrs University (UMU), 2 years
  • Diploma in Animal Production and Farm Management awarded by Uganda Martyrs University (UMU), 2 years
  • Diploma in Economic Organic Agriculture – awarded by Mbuye Agricultural College (SMMAC), 2 years

Certificate Programs

  • National Certificate in Agriculture awarded by Examinations Board (Uganda Business and Technical UBTEB), 2 years
  • Certificate in poultry production awarded by Mbuye Agricultural College (SMMAC), 1 year

With the progressive developments, two educational Institutions have emerged. One is St. Matthias Mbuye Agricultural College and the second is St. Matthias Mbuye Vocational Secondary School.

Currently, the Centre is sited on 103 acres of land with two campuses for the above Institutions. A centre that started with 15 now has  753 students (March 2018) in the two institutions with 95% boarders and more than 60 staff members.

Tracer Study

Over time the school keeps track of her products to evaluate the impact in the community and relevance of the training to the students. These tracer studies reveal that good change agents have put a legacy in promoting food production and self – employment; any training gap identified during the tracer study is considered in the curriculum during the review sessions.

The school has produced many progressive farmers, Religious leaders like Priests, Nuns, and successful entrepreneurs, medical Doctors, Nurses, Professional teachers and a good number still in the academic path way upgrading.


Currently the Education Centre is owned by Masaka Catholic Diocese.


The Institute has made remarkable developments attained since inception. The list is endless; however one cannot forget to mention a few.

  • Registration of the school with the Ministry of education and sports which gave us a legal status to operate as a private institute in Uganda.
  • Registration with the National Examination bodies i.e Uganda National Examination Board (UNEB) and Uganda Business and Technical Examination Board (UBTEB)
  • Affiliation of the Institute with Uganda Martyrs University (UMU) for diploma programs
  • Developing a strong alliance with our German friends who have been a cornerstone for the school infrastructural development.
  • Passing out of very many skilled men and women in various fields for the country’s sustainable development.
  • Increase in students’ enrolment from 15 students in 1987 to the current 753 in both institutions.
  • The Institute over time has employed very many people helping them to sustain themselves.
  • Infrastructural development including introduction of hydroelectric power in the area, piped water, building many structures including classrooms, dormitories, staff quarters, Health Care Centre , Sports grounds, farm structures like Dip tank, spray race among others.
  • Acquiring 690 acres of land away from the main campus for extensive beef and agro forestry projects in addition to 103 acres on the main campus
  • The excellent academic performance at all levels i.e Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE), Uganda Junior Technical Certificate( UJTC)/ UBTEB and in Diploma programs
  • Acquiring the College status is one of the latest developments the school has attained
  • The gift of Religious Leaders who passed through the school is our big pride
  • Our strong collaboration with Higher Institutions of learning, including OSnabruek University , Uganda Martyrs’ University (UMU), Makerere University – Kabanyoro Station, District Agricultural Training Centres (DATICS), National Research Institutes, Farm Schools which has kept us relevant.
  • Development of the two independent campuses for the two institutions by the year 2017 opened up great chances for advancement on either campuses
  • Under the continuous staff professional development program, many of our staff have been able to upgrade/ further their studies with bachelors and masters degrees in various fields of study.


Support And Gratitude

As we recall the humble beginning of the Institute and compare with the current level, we thank God for the blessings. We pay special tribute to all the stakeholders in this development, not forgetting the Founder and Director Rev.Fr. Matthias Lusembo, the subsequent Governors, Benefactors, Administrators, All staff teaching and Non-teaching, Parents, Students and the community for their contributions towards the steady progress.