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Campus Life

Many of the students are accommodated in the boarding school on campus where they live. The students enjoy an all embracing curriculum with a conducive learning environment. The curriculum is well integrated with both educational and co-curricular activities and students are encouraged to join any of the existing clubs. These include: Debating Club, Patriotism Club, Interact Club, WildLife Club, Drama Club, Writers Club, Nutrition and Hygiene, Nkobazambogo, Western students Association, Northern Students Association, Legion Of Mary, Devine Mercy, Charismatic Renewal, Muslim Student Association, Arise and Shine, YCS.

In addition to the so many clubs and students’ Associations, the school has elements that have helped students to remain relevant and useful in the World. These include exposing them to hard work, time management, core values and moral rehabilitation programs.

On the other hand, the centre offers a wide range of co-curricular activities in games and sports as well as music. These activities include: singing and dancing (traditional and modern dances), musik, football, netball, volleyball, badminton. When the partners from Germany are on their visits: bullroasting and limo-party.


Because of the dimension and equipment official persons of politics called it clinic instead of sickbay. Most of “normal” deseases and injuries can be handled/medicated around the clock in the well organized new clinic directly on the campus, opened in 2014. The nurse is a former student of Mbuye Farm School and very well educated in many courses as well as her assistant nurse. The clinic has two times 8 beds, male and female, and good equipment for diagnostics and medication. Only hard cases have to be brought to an outside clinic. The hygienic standard is much better than in some outside sickbays or clinics.