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Vocational Training

In addition to the “normal” school curriculum of a Secondary O-Level school at the same time is compulsorily an agricultural education. Then, the students can choose a further basic education in the professional skills shown (Vocational Certificats).
The “Diplomas” receive a higher, more advanced agricultural qualification to  farm managers or they might join Martyrs University of Advanced Sciences . The entrance requirement is the completion of the Secondary School, not only from “our” Farm School, but also from outside. Both, state and private secondary schools, are addressed.

In accordance with the programs of the International Government Development Assistance, we have included a further vocational training in our target talks, which could arise in a building on the associated school premises in Lwanda, about 2 km from the school. This would once again open up professional opportunities that could help promoting you and the country of Uganda in a certain environment. To this end, links, cooperation and support for official state programs would have to be explored. An offer of modules, which can gradually add up to a full professional qualification, is thought of. And, maybe in future, there will be an A-level-section if possible.